Welcome. Here's a bit of info about the GottaGetGon family Folk Music festival  - Memorial Day Weekend;
Saratoga County Fairgrounds, Ballston Spa NY.

(Featured Perfomers below, with photos)


The GottaGetGon is a delight for those who enjoy folk music in the rich informal tradition of its origins. If you sing old songs or play an instrument, even only in your mind, you will enjoy the atmosphere at the GottaGetGon festival. It's a friendly atmosphere.  Music is on stage during the day and played other places on the campgrounds at other times.  You are welcome to join-in actively, or just listen.

 We engage a few superb professional musicians to entertain and inspire us.  They are not the ones you will hear on top 40 radio, or reality TV.  You will be amazed at their artistry and will want to hear more of them.

The GottaGetGon is a good place for folks of all ages.  Young kids, teenagers, young adults, parents, grandparents, and singles. Don't look for a tight overlapping schedule or rows of commercial vendors.  Bring a snack for yourself, a folding chair, a warm sweater in case the weather turns cold; and camp with us if you can.

The main dates for 2015 are: Saturday May 23 & Sunday May 24, 2015. (mark your calendar)
We also have a "new folks" concert and pot luck dinner Friday night, May 22.  If you are camping try to come after 3pm Friday to set up and get acquainted.  Monday morning is for goodbyes - nothing is scheduled.

2015 Featured Performers
Brooks Williams
Windbourne Singers
Lorraine & Bennett Hammond Tumbling Bones

Brooks Williams
writes groove-laden songs and delivers them with an easy-going vocal style and monstrous guitar chops. Walking the line between blues and Americana, Williams has worked stages worldwide for over 25 years, amassing a staggering back-catalogue of songs, recordings and tales.

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Windborne Singers
a group of vocal chameleons who specialize in close harmony singing, shifting effortlessly between drastically different styles of traditional music within the same concert. Their musical knowledge spans many continents and cultures, but they remain deeply rooted in American folk singing traditions.Lauren Breunig, Lynn Mahoney Rowan, and Will Thomas Rowan share a vibrant energy onstage – their connection to each other and to the music clearly evident. They educate as they entertain, telling stories about the music and explaining the characteristics and stylistic elements of the traditions in which they sing.

Lorraine & Bennett Hammond
  play and sing in perfect complement: blending their instruments with consummate skill, they create a new voice for music that ranges in style from classical through Celtic, blues and contemporary. The joy they take in their music is contagious, and their flair for tailoring their selection of songs and tunes for individual audiences lends a lively freshness to each performance. Lorraine is an old-timey-style banjo player and a self-trained dulcimer player, who has been called "the Jimi Hendrix of the Appalachian Dulcimer" by the Harvard Crimson. Husband Bennett is a virtuousic guitar player.
Tumbling Bones
  a trio of young men inspired by old music. They play a mix of original compositions and traditional material drawing on bluegrass, pre-war folk, and a bit of the contemporary rock ‘n’ roll the guys were reared on. They make music with nothing but acoustic instruments, tap shoes, and most of all, their harmonizing voices. 
Pete Winne (guitar, foot percussion) and Jake Hoffman (banjo, upright bass) join forces with songwriter and guitarist Kyle Morgan.

www.brookswilliams.com www.windbornesingers.com/
www.greatacoustics.org tumblingbones.com
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john trish John Kirk, Trish Miller, with a few friends, will play for the "Barn Dance" Saturday night.  The dance caller, Trish Miller, caters to newcomers as well as seasoned dancers.

Sunday night, as if by magic, we join in a cappella singing.  There is no visible organization - someone starts singing a song and others join in.  We do it around a dim camp light in one of the covered buildings. It's quite a delight for most.  Other folks who'd rather play musical instruments can join in one of several ad hoc jam sessions.


Friday Night May 22, 2015 ••• NEW FOLK concert
Greg K

Hilary Hawke


The Dylan Perrillo Orchestra


Greg Klyma



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"We are always amazed at the wonderful music and great fun we have at this little festival that has so much heart. It's a great place to introduce our grandsons to the joy of good music. Over the years we've seen many families expose their kids to the special experience of making music in the campground and listening to top notch performances while sitting a short 20 feet from the stage. The singing, the laughter, the bicycles, the instruments, the dancing -- altogether revive the ancient traditions of family and community." - Paul Schurr, on the faculty SUNY Albany

One last thought:  If you enjoyed the GottaGetGon, consider joining PSG: The Pickin' & Singin' Gatherin'. 
We meet monthly to have sing-arounds and other gatherings, including a  private "festival" called The Last GASP (at the end of the season).

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