Notes re "The Last Gasp"

August 2013

Jack - Prez 2012The Last Gasp is a family camping weekend with no paid performers and no scheduled events—just lots of time to play, hike,sing, enjoy the outdoors, and share music and friendship. Most of us think it’s the best folk festival there is. It’s for PSG members only (& guests) —but you can become a member there and then. The Board decided to continue the recent practice of renting the space from Wednesday 8/28/13 to Monday 9/2/13.

The PSG Board has voted to return to Camp Brookledge, the home of the Last Gasp for many years. Camp Brookledge has been purchased by two business partners (one of whom was a regular at the camp when it was run by Girls Inc.): Laurie Naparty and Cindy Taylor. These enterprising women have already upgraded the facilities and fixed the things that caused us to move to the Girl Scout Camp. The board and several other PSG members visited Camp Brookledge back when there was still a bit of snow on the ground and found that the well had been fixed, the restrooms and septic systems had been upgraded and are working, and the little roadways had been cleared of brush and there is more parking in the usual places and in the area where the power lines run though north end of the property. This last should enable people to park close to the activity areas without taking up all the space for playing.

We have rented the whole campground from Wednesday to Monday (Labor Day) . JakeLifeguard - RuthThose who would like to start the weekend early or just go to set up their tent or camper to get a jump on the weekend are welcome. Jake Bryan, and several other stalwarts are lilkely to be there starting Wednesday. We expect to have a lifeguard on duty for swimming on Saturday and Sunday (hours to be posted). If there is no lifeguard on duty, please, no swimming.

Campfires are allowed (to be verified) , but please use the established fire circles. Please have a full bucket of water nearby. The new owners have given permission for us to have beer at the Last Gasp. Weapons and/or drug use are strictly prohibited. We will have a dumpster for garbage, but please be prepared to "carry in, carry out."

As in the past, this is a camping weekend and we expect that most participants will want to continue to tent or use pop-up campers; rooms in the buildings are rare if anyat all. Camping sites/accommodations are available on a first come, first serve basis. PSG has had a reputation for leaving places better than when we came and I'm sure we will continue this tradition.


Cost: $15 per adult Bruce $$(21 & older) for 6-day "weekend," and it will still be $5 for one day. Children are free. Bruce Pomeroy, our intrepid Treasurer, will be around on Sunday to collec fees. Cash only please. If for some reason you won't see Bruce on Sunday, If you don't know Bruce, ask around; someone will introduce you. If Bruce isn't around, please give the money to Jack Kilrain or one of the board members, either in an envelope or with a piece of paper with your name and the amount.



To repeat a bit: the Last Gasp is a family camping weekend with no paid performers and no scheduled events - just lots of time to play, sing, hike, enjoy the outdoors and share music and friendship. Most of us think it is the best folk festival there is. It's for PSG members, but friends and family are welcome and if you know folks who want to join the PSG, they can become members there and then.

Camp Brookledge is a beautiful small, rustic, heavily wooded camp a few miles north & east of Galway, NY about 45 minutes northwest of Albany. There are two large open field areas for campers, RV’s and pop ups, as well as tents and all-gender bathrooms with hot water and showers. Camp Brookledge has narrow trails between small units and campsites, and access to a large open pavilion with a fire place. If it is hot, you can jump in the Ice Bucket, an aptly named, small spring-fed pond for swimming. A lifeguard for swimming will be provided during the day on Saturday & Sunday. Be sure to bring all weather gear and plenty of bug dope & sunscreen.


Maps with directions and the Camp Brookledge layout are in the newsletter.

Maps, directions and a bit more detail can be found at:

We’ll see you there!

-Jack Kilrain, the Prez.